Summer Dance (Italian Edition)

The sinners stand as though enchanted, their faces lifted. A path has opened in the darkness, a promise has been made, evidence has been presented: all will be saved, no explanations necessary—the magical dark-blue abyss, raised above us by nameless artists, speaks for itself, sings in a wordless language. The blue flows down toward the garlands of fruit and leaves.… Everything disappears, but again and again the lights flash on, the fête is endless, and any minute now the angels will begin to sing. Let there be light! – Tatyana Tolstaya, See the Other Side


Three Summer list. No.1. Melodrama

01. Antonio Vivaldi Il Bajazet (Il Tamerlano) / Act 2 – Anch’il mar par che sommerga
Cecilia Bartoli – The Vivaldi Album / Il Giardino Armonico (1999)
02. The MekonsDickie Chalkie And Nobby
Natural (Quarter Stick, 2007)
03. Uzeda - Steam, Rain & Other Stuff
Stella (Touch and Go, 2007)
04. Blonde RedheadHarmony
La Mia Vita Violenta (Smells Like Records, 1995)
05. J.S. BachBWV 803 Duetto
Vol. 6 (CD16) Organ Works XVI ()
06. Cheval de Frisedeux nappes ductiles
Cheval de Frise (Frenetic Records, 2003)
07. Antonio VivaldiL’Orlando Finto Pazzo / Act 3 – Qual favellar?…Anderò, volerò, griderò
Cecilia Bartoli – The Vivaldi Album / Il Giardino Armonico (1999)

note: Late spring early summer mood. This actually is an old list consisting mainly baroque pieces that I tweak and make it to more head bopping beat. (So it’s really a modern pop rhythm constructed using various styles.) I like the odd mood the list gives, sort of ultra cosmopolitan texture of an old city, say Rome. Maybe I’ll go tired of mixing post-rock with baroque soon. but right now they are infinitely amusing to me. I like the tension. So this is the first list in summer head bopping, euro oriented sound. enjoy.

And everybody. Please welcome two new MdM posters: Jungle (he is from Italy) and stclown (he is from UK)

image: La Primavera, “Allegory of Spring”, Sandro Botticelli. Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

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  1. jungle says:

    I’m quite embarassed… happy to be here with you all! Thank you :)

  2. enver says:

    check this from Italy
    free download ep
    with Bonnie Prince Billy singing in Italian!

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  4. jungle says:

    Thank you sooooooooooooo much enver!!! :)

The song makes its imprint
in the air, making itself felt,
a felt world. Here, there,
the stunned silence

of knowing I will not remember
what I heard;

futures that will never happen,
a fluidity we cannot achieve
except as a child
creating possibility.

This is the untranslatable song
hidden in the earth.

-Untranslatable Song [1]