After Hour. 1997.

I think one of the important evolutions is that we no longer feel compulsively the need to argue, or to justify things on a kind of rational level. We are much more willing to admit that certain things are completely instinctive and others are really intellectual. – Rem Koolhaas

Revisiting 1997

01. Mouse on MarsElli im Wunderland
Vulvaland (1994)
02. UnderworldBanstyle + Sappys Curry
Second Toughest in the Infants (Tvt, 1996)
03. AutechreSlip
Amber (Tvt, 1995)
04. Dimitri from ParisAttente Musicale
Sacre Bleau (1996)
05. OrbitalEasy Serv
Blue Album (Ato Records, 2004)
06. Edith Progue12 A.M.
Timeline (Mille Plateaux, 2007)
07. Peace OrchestraThe Man Part Two
Peace Orchestra (G-Stone Records, 1999)

note: Remember the late 90′s? It was the peak of popular electronic music in big label. Even Aphex Twin was signed by Warner to produce an abstract work like Druqs. Name like Authecre, Amon Tobim, The Orb was popping out on both side of atlantic, with UK leading the output. Powerful computer software was available for the first time to everybody with little money to start experimenting just like Brian Eno. Electronica moves beyond simple dubbing and LP sampling and into tweaking the actual soundwave digitally. Exciting time, if not somewhat obscure. Moka is building a giant decade size list, maybe I should make a little side list for electronica while she is yelling at me for not helping. :P heh. Anyway, here is a short electronica list from the 90′s. Without going too far into the crazy bleep land.

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  1. marto says:

    Ain’t you in facebook, guys?

  2. fk says:

    late 90′s was great for electronic music, Daft Punk’s Homework, BoC’s Music Has The Right To Children, Dimitri’s Sacre Blue, AIR’s Moon Safari… fun times, fun times

  3. fk says:

    *Sacre Bleu, my bad

  4. jungle says:

    Late 90′s was the age of Kruder & Dorfmeister (Tosca, Peace Orchestra)
    Full stop.

  5. me says:

    Ain’t you in twitter? we need you to be everywhere :) thanks a lot for the music, the text, the pictures….for everything

  6. squashed says:

    heya marto and me…

    no, I don’t do social networking site. Don’t really have time to keep the pages fresh (do’t even have time to clean up my email), on top of that my net paranoia side says “no”.

    Moka has a myspace page, not sure if she still keep up with it.


  7. squashed says:

    Brian Eno – Interview/Lecture

    Squarepusher on BBC2′s The Culture Show

    Drum and Bass Arena Goldie Interview

  8. Radders says:

    I remember getting that Peace Orchestra album with a little elastoplast on the front

The song makes its imprint
in the air, making itself felt,
a felt world. Here, there,
the stunned silence

of knowing I will not remember
what I heard;

futures that will never happen,
a fluidity we cannot achieve
except as a child
creating possibility.

This is the untranslatable song
hidden in the earth.

-Untranslatable Song [1]