I’m Gonna Dream of You Tonight (with Love)

And you’ll see me again tomorrow.

1. Erkki-Sven TüürCrystallisatio II Passion
(Crystallisatio / 2000 / ECM)  
2. Maki AsakawaFushiawase to iu na no neko
3. April StevensI Want A Lip
(Teach Me Tiger! / 1960)
4. Laila KinnunenKurkota kuuhun
(Mandshurian kummut / 2000 / Fazer)
5. Sandie ShawIf Ever You Need Me
(Golden Hits / 1966 / Pye Records)
6. Matthew FlorianzErasmusweg, December 20th, 2001
(Downflow / 2004)

photo by Cropshy

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Farewell Ingmar



“When I was young, I was extremely scared of dying. But now I think it a very, very wise arrangement. It’s like a light that is extinguished. Not very much to make a fuss about.”

                                     – Ingmar Bergman (14.7.1918 – 30.7.2007)



Patty WatersMoon, Don’t Come Up Tonite
Sing (Esp Records / 1993
Gloria CoatesTime Frozen I
Symphonies No. 2 & 9 (Cpo / 1998)
Henri PousseurMnemosyne
Musique Mixte 1966-1970 (Sub Rosa / 2006)
James MacmillanNorthern Skies: Northern Skies
Northern Skies (Deux-Elles / 2007)
Fred NeilEverybody’s Talkin’
Fred Neil (Capitol / 1966)
Karen DaltonLittle Bit Of Rain
It’s So Hard to Tell Who’s Going to Love You the Best (Capitol / 1969)
MirrorVisiting Star
Visiting Star (Three Poplars / 2000)
Ezra SimsConcert Piece: Still And Timeless (Nocturnal)
The Microtonal Music of Ezra Sims


photo: Bergman. svt.se

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Wo ye ai ni


I’m glad that miss low has had a fun time here in China, and I’m quite content about how she described here and I fully appreciate her work. Being a Beijing local, I think it’s necessary to make a bit filler post to Low’s Wo ai ni. Let’s simply name it: wo ye ai ni (I love you too)

1. Mu Liang Wen WangJing Diao

2. QueenSea Big SharkHold Your Hand
3. SnaplineS2
4. P.K.14Ta Men
(White paper / 2005)
5. P.K.14Gu Shi
(White paper / 2005)

6. D!O!D!O!D!Jii…Jii…Jii…
(Ghost Temple / 2005 / 2pi)
7. Yan Jun4th Ring Shopping Killer
8. K1973Songhua River
9. NaraAuto Auto
10. Yang YiNie Suan Tai
11. Liu SolaBaba Yi

12. Mu Liang Wen WangBa Yi Tai

photo credit to: nataliebehring.com

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Call of the Water

First let’s get near the water

Deep Listening BandCave Water
Troglodyte’s Delight (1990 Deep Listening)

Now fall into its body

Badly Drawn Boy

- Fall in a River
The Hour of the Bewilderbeast (2000 XL Recordings)

Getting drowned is trippy. To watch the water flows by and feel the touch of water surround you is obsessive. It’s safest place and no one and nothing bothers. We could have a nice walk at the bottom of the lake, or maybe, have a long comfortable dream along the sound of the waves.

Piano MagicSon de Mar 1
Son de Mar (2001 4AD)
Ruth WhiteMists And Rains
Flowers Of Evil (1969 Creel Pone)
Stuart DempsterSecret Currents
Underground Overlays From The Cistern Chapel (1995 New Albion)
Andrew LilesPart 2
The Dying Submariner (2006 Beta-Lactam Ring Records)
GrouperShadow Rise, Drowned
Wide (2006 Free Porcupine)
Luciano CilioDella conoscenza
Dell’universo Assente (1977 Die Schachtel)
Ketil Bjørnstad & David DarlingThe River IV
The River (1997 ECM)
Linda PerhacsCall Of The River
Parallelograms (1970 Remastered and released in 2005 Wild Places)
Anne Briggs
Standing on the Shore
The Time Has Come (1971 Sony)
Deep Listening Band
Rainy Delay
Troglodyte’s Delight
(1990 Deep Listening)

Also check out:

* Ralph Steiner‘s film H2O, made in1929, of the theme of Water, in all its forms.
* Return to Sea: As the Waves Will Always Roll at

photo credit to gatthebubbles

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When Will You Wake Up?…!

1. Vodka SoapUntitled 6
Un Chand Pyramidelier (2006 New Age Cassettes)
2. PengoTrans-Love Abattoir
A Nervous Splendor (2002 Hahoma Records)
3. Neil Campbell & Richard YoungsSoil
How The Garden Is (2001 HP Cycle)
4. Rauhan Orkesteri/Lauhkeat LampaatBile-Kalkkuna
Sylissain Oot (2006 Ache Records)
5. GHQLie, Live, Make It
Cosmology of Eye (2006 Time-Lag)
6. PengoOne Eye Looks North
Toads Tools Amongst the Tombstones (2007 Qbico)
7. PengoLet’s Levitate the Outhouse
Toads Tools Amongst the Tombstones (2007 Qbico)
8. GHQ
Cosmology of Eye (2006 Time-Lag)

image: Pippi longstocking. Apollo Pony

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With wonderful deathless ditties
We build up the world's great cities,
And out of a fabulous story
We fashion an empire's glory:
One man with a dream, at pleasure,
Shall go forth and conquer a crown;
And three with a new song's measure
Can trample an empire down. [1]

Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end! `I wonder how many miles I've fallen by this time?' she said aloud. `I must be getting somewhere near the centre of the earth. Let me see: that would be four thousand miles down, I think--' (for, you see, Alice had learnt several things of this sort in her lessons in the schoolroom, and though this was not a very good opportunity for showing off her knowledge, as there was no one to listen to her, still it was good practice to say it over) `--yes, that's about the right distance--but then I wonder what Latitude or Longitude I've got to?' (Alice had no idea what Latitude was, or Longitude either, but thought they were nice grand words to say.) [2]

O long-silent Sybil,
you of the winged dreams,
Speak out from your temple of light
as the serious constellations
with Greek names
still stare down on us
as a lighthouse moves its megaphone
over the sea
Speak out and shine upon us
the sea-light of Greece
the diamond light of Greece

Far-seeing Sybil, forever hidden,
Come out of your cave at last
And speak to us in the poet's voice
the voice of the fourth person singular
the voice of the inscrutable future
the voice of the people mixed
with a wild soft laughter--
And give us new dreams to dream,
Give us new myths to live by! [3]

So our princes who have lost their principalities after many years’ of possession shouldn’t blame their loss on fortuna. The real culprit is their own indolence, going through quiet times with no thought of the possibility of change (it’s a common human fault, failing to prepare for tempests unless one is actually in one!). And when eventually bad times did come, they thought of •flight rather than •self-defence, hoping that the people, upset by conquerors’ insolence, would recall them. This course of action may be all right when there’s no alternative, but it is not all right to neglect alternatives and choose this one; it amounts to voluntarily falling because you think that in due course someone will pick you up. If you do get rescued (and you probably won’t), that won’t make you secure; the only rescue that is really helpful to you is the one performed by you, the one that depends on yourself and your virtù. [4]