Magnetic Eyes

1. Gary WilsonI wanna take you on a sea cruise
(This Is Why I Wear My Wedding Gown 7″, 1983)
2. Solid Space - The Guests
(Space Museum – Cassette – 1982)
3. Asmus TietchensTrümmerköpfe
(Biotop, 1981)
4. DeerhoofAlmost Everyone, Almost Always
(Deerhoof vs. Evil, 2010)
5. Jeff PhelpsOn The Corner
(Magnetic Eyes, 1985)
6. Tom NobleMusic Engine
(In Liger Vision, 2010)
7. Arthur RussellHop On Down
(Calling out of Context, comp, 2004)

I’ve been collecting lately – drum machines, tape delays, reverb units, anything that sounds like its from another place, decade, or planet. My record purchases have reflected this too – lots of 80s experiments, home recordings, private presses and the like. This is a succinct selection of  tracks which border on being not-quite-right. Lively drums, silly effects and a DIY attitude.

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Coração vagabundo

Photo: Llove exhibition via Yatzer.

Alice asked the Chesire Cat, who was sitting in a tree, “What road do I take?”
The cat asked, “Where do you want to go?”
“I don’t know”, Alice answered.
“Then,” said the cat, “it really doesn’t matter, does it?”

Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland.

My connection was in danger—that was all. Sometimes our connection is frayed, it is in danger, it seems almost lost. Views and streets deny knowledge of us, the air grows thin. Wouldn’t we rather have a destiny to submit to, then, something that claims us, anything, instead of such flimsy choices, arbitrary days?

- Alice Munro, The Albanian Virgin.

One of those days when I feel sabotaged from within. The world turning into a pale substance made of hubris and daydreams and obsessions. I’m trying to remain constructive by making a list of  practical things that help me breathe through these sort of days. So far the activities that have worked for me are: Running for miles until the pain and exhaustion overcomes circular thoughts. Taking a nice, thorough shower of angst. Listening to music that puts me in a halcyon frame of mind. Sleeping it over.
Tonight will be the night I kill all of my idols. It’s time to stop making excuses and move on.

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Image: Nathalie Miebach

The universe is nothing but a furtive arrangement of elementary particles. A figure in transition toward chaos. That is what will finally prevail…The skies will be glacial and empty, traversed by the feeble light of half-dead stars. – Michel Houllebecq.

The brain is more than an assemblage of autonomous modules, each crucial for a specific mental function. Every one of these functionally specialized areas must interact with dozens or hundreds of others, their total integration creating something like a vastly complicated orchestra with thousands of instruments, an orchestra that conducts itself, with an ever-changing score and repertoire. – Oliver Sacks

In many dimensions, the only 2 perfect things are the brain and the universe. Unfortunatelly, both are habited by the humans.

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Winter 2010. Sutra

“In the ponds, at all times, lotuses of various colors as large as chariot-wheels are in bloom. Blue flowers radiate blue light, brilliance and splendor; yellow ones radiate yellow light, brilliance and splendor; red ones radiate red light, brilliance and splendor; white ones radiate white light, brilliance and splendor; four-colored ones radiate four-colored light, brilliance and splendor. Shariputra, that Buddha-land is full of such glorious adornments of supreme qualities, which are most pleasing to the mind. For this reason, that land is called ‘Utmost Bliss.’ The Sutra on Praise of the Pure Land and Protection.

Postrock. End of 2010.

01. Rovo - Sukhna
Tonic (Tzadik, 2002)
02. The Mercury ProgramThe Vortex East
From the Vapor of Gasoline (Tiger Style, 2000)
03. Alva Noto - Prototype 5
Prototypes (Efa Imports, 2000)
04. Hauschka - Kreuzung
The Prepared Piano (Karaoke Kalk, 2005)
05. Low - Rope
I Could Live in Hope (Vernon Yard Records, 1994)
06. Kammerflimmer KollektiefAoki Takamasa – After the Rain rmx
Kammerflimmer Kollektief Remixed (Staubgold Germany, 2006)

note: Here, I am. Sorry missing in action. I was busy stirring up trouble on the other side of internet. Trouble is, I am so back up with my music listening. I don’t think I have anything up date until few more days. Don’t even ask about end of year list. There isn’t going to be one from me. (maybe a quick impression, but nowhere near complete listening and arranging them nicely.) In the meantime, I have 3 lists that I prepared last November for a series of winter list, mostly long and programatic. This is second one, post rock. Think of it like a lotus flower in frozen winter lake, magically alive in the middle of desolate landscape with early 2000 post-rock texture. The Mercury Program is my old favorite.

image: jude hill

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Trend in Minimalism

We live today in a world of ever more stuff – what sometimes seems a deluge of goods and shopping. We tend to assume that this has two results: that we are more superficial, and that we are more materialistic, our relationships to things coming at the expense of our relationships to people. We make such assumptions, we speak in cliches, but we have rarely trid to put these assumptions to the test. – somewhere online.


Beat Callibration for new Template. No.1

01. Hauschka - Firn
The Prepared Piano (2005)
02. Nik Bartsch’s RoninModul 45
Holon (Ecm Records, 2008)
03. Alva Notoflashforward
For (Line (a division of 12k), 2006)
04. John BJazz Session II
Drum’n'bass: Visions (1997)
05. MatmosSemen Song For James Bidgood
The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast (2006)
06. FridgeDrum Machines and Glockenspiel
Happiness (Temporary Residence, 2001)

note: A lovely miscellaneous minimalism and other. I created for late summer afternoon sometimes ago, but I’ll turn it to idea source for this new template. Orderly but not antiseptic, sparse but not empty, clean but not lacking detail. One can run around freely in the open space. Yes we know the new template is a little disorganized. It needs work, incorrect size and everything is in the wrong place. But as 2 previous templates, we eventually fix the balance if everybody nags enough. Think of this as MdM Madonna’s phase. Change of style and dusting up stodgy habit. … oh and from now on, we will only post lady Gaga for good measure. (just kidding, she is cool)

as usual don’t be shy commenting away if you have good idea for MdM. We are a bit off the caffeine lately.

image: channel 4

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With wonderful deathless ditties
We build up the world's great cities,
And out of a fabulous story
We fashion an empire's glory:
One man with a dream, at pleasure,
Shall go forth and conquer a crown;
And three with a new song's measure
Can trample an empire down. [1]

Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end! `I wonder how many miles I've fallen by this time?' she said aloud. `I must be getting somewhere near the centre of the earth. Let me see: that would be four thousand miles down, I think--' (for, you see, Alice had learnt several things of this sort in her lessons in the schoolroom, and though this was not a very good opportunity for showing off her knowledge, as there was no one to listen to her, still it was good practice to say it over) `--yes, that's about the right distance--but then I wonder what Latitude or Longitude I've got to?' (Alice had no idea what Latitude was, or Longitude either, but thought they were nice grand words to say.) [2]

O long-silent Sybil,
you of the winged dreams,
Speak out from your temple of light
as the serious constellations
with Greek names
still stare down on us
as a lighthouse moves its megaphone
over the sea
Speak out and shine upon us
the sea-light of Greece
the diamond light of Greece

Far-seeing Sybil, forever hidden,
Come out of your cave at last
And speak to us in the poet's voice
the voice of the fourth person singular
the voice of the inscrutable future
the voice of the people mixed
with a wild soft laughter--
And give us new dreams to dream,
Give us new myths to live by! [3]

So our princes who have lost their principalities after many years’ of possession shouldn’t blame their loss on fortuna. The real culprit is their own indolence, going through quiet times with no thought of the possibility of change (it’s a common human fault, failing to prepare for tempests unless one is actually in one!). And when eventually bad times did come, they thought of •flight rather than •self-defence, hoping that the people, upset by conquerors’ insolence, would recall them. This course of action may be all right when there’s no alternative, but it is not all right to neglect alternatives and choose this one; it amounts to voluntarily falling because you think that in due course someone will pick you up. If you do get rescued (and you probably won’t), that won’t make you secure; the only rescue that is really helpful to you is the one performed by you, the one that depends on yourself and your virtù. [4]